Saturday, March 10, 2012

A gathering that I never expect

For the 1st time
having a in game real ppl gathering 
it was unexpected gathering though
someone contact me for hi-tea
den i tell my fren
den tis news keep spread 
in result
become a gathering instead LOL
a gathering of 17 peoples who we know inside game
out of 17, 6 is same course wif me 
the others are from other places
1 gang by 1 gang meet up

at 1st
still tot the enviroment will shy to each other
but its turn out the be the other way 
everyone seem like met each other before 
we talk everything laugh everything

i am not really good in social
maybe tis is the 1st step i have to take
to keep on changing myself
Oh my i am addicted to BigBang xD


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